March 23, 2017

Record Highs

Two weeks with zero snow and to add insult to injury - record high temperatures (valley and mountains). I don't even want to talk about it.

I struggle with the transition from winter to spring. It doesn't make sense because I LOVE SPRING. During the competitive running years of my life I should have embraced the warmer weather, but managed to have mental breakdowns almost every spring. In hindsight I think I thrived in the challenge of training hard through the winter, and would fall apart when that obstacle disappeared. The last few years, as our focus has moved back towards skiing, I've struggled with the transition from cold powder skiing to all-kinds-of-conditions-including-tshirts skiing (even though, as I mentioned above, I really love spring/summer skiing). Anyways - I'm going to try and not have a mental downward spiral in 2018! I've only been saying that since 2012.

We had some nice days out in the mountains last week that kept the mojo from dropping... and its snowing again now (3/23)...

Tuesday March 14

My friend Matt was in Utah for a bike race and his flight back east got cancelled, so Andrea and I got the privilege of taking him up LCC for the first time. The snow conditions were fairly bad (isothermal mush) but it was great weather and always great to take someone out for their Alta vicinity debut...

Thursday March 16

Andrea's parents were in town for the rest of the week. She took them up to Brighton for the day... the first time either of us has skied at Brighton after doing seven thousand Great Western rando laps last winter...

Friday March 17

Snowbird lift day in pretty nice conditions. Following the sun, the snow softened up nicely and it didn't get too slushy.

Fortunately these lines only existed for a few runs in Mineral Basin in the morning.

Scoping the SE face of Superior

Saturday March 18

I was solo this morning and planned on just skiing some mellow S facing laps across from Alta... but the wind kept the slow from completely cooking into slush, so I ended up skiing the SE face of Mt Superior...

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