July 28, 2017

Paintbrush Cascade Canyon Loop in Grand Teton National Park

To call this one of the best dayhikes in North America might actually be an understatement. You could run most of it, but I wouldn't recommend doing that the first or second time - its better to go slow and really enjoy everything this zone has to offer. It has A LOT to offer. Lush forests, cascading creeks, snowfields, high peaks, wildflower meadows, alpine lakes... its simply as good as it gets.

Depending on how many detours you take (like going to Holly Lake or going around Lake Solitude - and you should do both of those) the loop is roughly 20 miles. Twenty wonderful miles.

We did this almost exactly 5 years ago and got caught in a thunderstorm for the second half of the day. This time we had clear blue skies and perfect weather all day.

Quick flashback to almost the same spot 5 years ago, when we were young...

OK back to 2017...

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