July 27, 2017

Yellowstone Debut

After years of going to Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park but never making the extra effort to get to Yellowstone (because we love GTNP so much), we finally headed north of Jackson Lake earlier this week and spent two days in Yellowstone National Park. Well worth it!! 

Prior to going to Yellowstone, we spent 3 days hiking, kayaking, and running in GTNP. I'll come back to those days in other blog posts.

Yellowstone was really interesting - we enjoyed the strange diversity of the landscapes. We basically hit all the go-to points in the southern half of the park. A highlight was definitely getting over to the Old Faithful area early in the morning and linking up all the best geothermal features into a single 8 mile run, and had the place mostly to ourselves. What a great way to see that area (before everyone finished breakfast).

In true pure tourist form, we saw Old Faithful erupt twice (at the beginning and then shortly after our run in that area). But, we didn't have to deal with any crazy traffic issues! (tip: do everything EARLY! or late).


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