July 10, 2017

A hot start to July - Superior, Tetons, and Anniversary Skiing!

July 4th at Taggart Lake in GTNP

Its been hot lately. HOT as in 100+ degrees almost every day. And hot as in lots of awesome stuff going on. In the past two weeks we've run and hiked all kinds of Wasatch and Teton trails, climbed the South Ridge of Superior for the first time this season, spent 4 awesome days with our friends at a cabin in Grand Teton National Park, and even managed to get out for a wedding anniversary ski to officially cap off the ski season. 

The last thing I mentioned is something we had been hoping to do since way back in January - as the snowpack piled up we thought there was a chance we could make it all the way to July 9th,  but the super-hot weather over the past 6 weeks reduced our buffer. After spending most of our anniversary weekend with friends up at Deer Valley, we decided to take a chance on skiing Main Chute one last time. You don't know if you don't go!... it was the ideal to finish off our best ski season ever. I'm sure we won't be able to ski at Alta on our anniversary most years, so we have to take advantage of the chances we get.

Photo dump...

Mt Superior South Ridge - June 30

Wasatch Crest Trail Singletrack - June 27

Grand Teton National Park - July 1 to July 4

The view from our cabin

And some more from the Tetons, out of order...

Sunset from our cabin

Brighton Lakes - July 8

Mt Baldy Main Chute - Ski Season Finale! - July 9

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