March 22, 2011

Med students need powder days, too!

Hannah skiing down Mt Millicent

Hannah took a few much-needed days off from studying for med school boards and joined us for a long weekend. We skied at Brighton and Solitude, were treated with a powder day on Sunday, and for reasons we still can't figure out, the guy at TCBY gave each of us a half-pound of yogurt for free. It was a most excellent weekend!

Since it snowed off and on all weekend, I didn't bust out the big camera all that much, but we still got some good pics on the pocket point & shoot.

Hannah, Andrea, and I at Brighton

She knew coming into this that we'd make her hike, at least a little! :-)

Andrea on the shoulder of Millicent, using the new rando pack

Andrea skiing off the shoulder of Millicent

Hannah's turn

Some nice recycled powder

Naturally, I had to hike back up to ski the Elevator Chute. I skied it the previous week as well. Unfortunately it seemed like it avalanched during the last storm, so conditions weren't too great this time around

In the Elevator

Andrea and Hannah, with Mt Millicent behind

Wonderful powder day at Solitude

First few runs were completely untracked

Typical Solitude... great snow and no one around!

Even the western aspects were skiing great

Skiing down to Honeycomb Canyon

Andrea took most of the pics above... but she did ski too! :-)

Sunday's storm put us over 500 inches for the season. I think we're at ~520-525" right now (2 days later). Hopefully this means an extended season of spring skiing!!!

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