March 17, 2011

Tennessee Family Visit

Our big crew at Brighton

Andrea's family made their way from Tennessee out to Utah last weekend, so we took a long-weekend "stay-cation" with them in Park City. We skied at the The Canyons, Park City, and Brighton on consecutive days in mostly excellent (warm) weather, took full advantage of the condo's hot tub, and realized how lucky we are to NOT have to do all of our running at 7000 feet! I didn't bust out the camera as much as I usually do, but here's a few I got...

The Canyons "Orange Bubble" chairlift. It has heated seats. Luxury overkill? Or should ALL chairlifts be like this? :-)

The scenery from the Great Western lift at Brighton is top-notch

We had some nice warm days. I love eating lunch outside during the winter.

Andrea and her parents

Some groomer action shots...

Eventually I decided that I needed to boot it up to Mt. Millicent

I skied the "Elevator Chute," which is the obvious line identified by the red dots

Looking down after I entered the chute and made 4-5 turns...

...and looking back up

Andrea shot this pic of me in the chute, after making my way through the choke...

...and then opening it up on the apron

Here's to more stormy nights and blue sky days!

Quick Antelope Island update: As I write this, the 50K and 25K races are 8 days away. We put in solid weeks last week (139 miles with a 27 mile long run for me, 63 miles with a 16 mile long run for Andrea), and now we're cutting it back a bit so we go into this with (hopefully) fresh legs. I hate tapering... it just makes me feel lousy (although that is probably more due to the fact that I was running an intermittent fever for the past couple days). I suppose the "hay is in the barn" and a little rest is probably more important than another long run at this point (for both of us). I think we're ready!

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