March 27, 2011

Pink Pine is always a fine time

Andrea skinning up the Pink Pine ridge

Despite being wiped out from yesterday's Antelope Island trail races, we still wanted to do a little skiing this weekend, considering the optimal conditions after about 10 straight days of snow in the mountains. We wanted something with a quick approach, so it was back to Pink Pine, one of our favorite spots, for a few laps before the next round of the storm rolled in...

Cottonwood ridge behind me

Andrea was setting the pace today

A perfect spring day

Looking up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Snowbird wants to build a roller-coaster up there. It would ruin this view. Therefore we will not ski at Snowbird and give them any of our money. Disneyland is great, but it doesn't belong in the Central Wasatch.

Obvious avalanche activity (see the fracture line?) made us re-evaluate our original plan, head back down the ridge, and ski some lower-angled terrain...

... we still found some great snow. Here's Andrea dropping in. Judging by the smile on her face, she was enjoying this more than the race yesterday! :-)

We "only" skied 3 laps, because believe it or not we were a bit tired from the races yesterday, but we still managed to farm some excellent powder turns...

Yeah, the snowpack is pretty deep right now! We're going to have excellent skiing until 4th of July (at least we hope so!!!)

Another great day in the mountains. Now, back to training! :-)

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