March 7, 2011

Some greybird photos

Finding a little pocket of the whiteroom in Upper Days Fork on Saturday March 5th

We took it "easy" this weekend after another big volume week of training (140 miles with a long run of 27 miles for me, and 60 miles with a long run of 16 miles for Andrea). No blue skies and bottomless powder like last weekend, but upper LCC received about 6" of new snow on Wednesday, and the recycled powder on north aspects still skied really well on Saturday. We went up to the Emma Ridge from Alta and skied 4 laps into the Upper Days Fork Cirque. It sort of felt like skiing 6" over a groomed run, making for fast turning, although some isolated pockets skied deeper than that (see photo above!). After a few hours of skiing in the cirque, the weather started to turn for the worst, so we headed back to the ridge and skied the south side back to Alta (the sun came out for a few hours on Friday afternoon and absolutely COOKED the south and west aspects, so skiing them was incredibly difficult).

On Sunday we had a lazy morning... not running until 8am (strange for me to start a run in the daylight!) and then when it came time to ski, we just cruised up the Mill Creek road for a few miles... easy skinning to stretch the legs out. It was snowing hard by the time we left, and another big storm is hitting us right now (Monday).

Should be a fun week coming up... Andrea's family is headed to Utah for a ski vacation, so we're tagging along and vacationing in our own backyard as well!

Andrea heading up

Andrea heading down

This dead tree created a cool image...

...another turn by the tree

One more lap

Trying to figure out how to get down to the parking lot... the snowbanks are 4-8 feet high

The snow started coming down HARD on Sunday

Andrea enjoying a pleasant tour up the Mill Creek road

March is the snowiest month, right? Bring it, Ullr!

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