May 2, 2011

April Training

Here's the monthly training recap for April. After recovering from Antelope Island, we started mixing in some shorter, faster workouts in preparation for the spring racing season. We capped off the month by running a 5K race that showed our fitness is at a good place right now.


Mar 28 - Apr 3
102 miles
Apr 4 - Apr 10:
130 miles
Apr 11 - Apr 17:
137 miles
Apr 18 - Apr 24:
113 miles
Apr 25 - May 1: 102 miles (SLC RunCo 5K, 15:45, 1st place)

Total Miles for April (30 days, 53 runs):
517 miles
Average Miles a Day: 17.2 miles (year to date is 17.7 miles/day)
Total Perfect Pushups: 1500 (50/day all 30 days)
Days I drove my car to work: 6 days (that's a record!)

The end of March feels like a long, long time ago. That week after the Antelope Island 50K was rough. I still managed to run over 100 miles, but most of those runs were terrible. Then, just like that, my legs were back and training started to click again. We got into a good groove of doing 2 workouts per week in April (usually a 20-30 minute tempo run, and then intervals on the track). I feel like my training is going well, and running 15:45 this past weekend w/out really having to push very hard is a good indicator that I should be able to pop a good half-marathon.

Mar 28 - Apr 3
: 58 miles
Apr 4 - Apr 10: 71 miles
Apr 11 - Apr 17: 71 miles
Apr 18 - Apr 24: 59 miles
Apr 25 - May 1: 51 miles (SLC RunCo 5K, 17:52, 1st place, PR!)

Total Miles for April (30 days, 43 runs): 264 miles
Average Miles a Day: 8.8 miles (year to date is 8.1 miles/day)
Hours of Cross Training (exercise bike, elliptical, and weights): 6 hours

This has been a hard training month! I have not done tempo runs and track workouts since high school, so April has been quite a transition. With that said, I definitely believe they have helped my speed tremendously. I still can't quite believe that I ran a sub-18 minute 5k - that distance is not my strong suit (or my favorite), which makes me anxious to see how I perform in the half marathons coming up. May will be another hard month of training towards the big race - Utah Valley. I am very excited about the spring temperatures FINALLY!


Total Vertical Climbed: ~21,000 feet in 6 days of backcountry skiing. Highlight: Mt Superior
Inbounds ski days
: 3

Next up...

Races: Provo City Half-Marathon (May 7), Memorial Day 5K/10K (May 28), Utah Valley Half-Marathon / Marathon (June 11)
Trips: Southern Utah (Zion, etc) in 3 weeks w/ the Krong parents!
Skiing: Alta closed down yesterday, finishing up the 2010-2011 season with a cumulative snowfall of 724 inches!!! Winter may have finally ended, and we might not have any more deep powder days, but there is so much snow in the mountains that we are going to be skiing AFTER July 4th this summer, and that makes me mighty happy! :-)

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