May 25, 2011

Sand Hollow

Sand Hollow Reservoir

After yesterday's adventure, we all wanted an easier, relaxing day. Once we re-fueled at a breakfast buffet, we headed over to Sand Hollow State Park, which was super close to where we were staying in Hurricane. Since it was a Monday, the park was pretty much empty, and we had the beach to ourselves. Andrea and I took a run around the reservoir, and it was nice to chill out in the warm weather.

Unfortunately, in the afternoon we had to part ways, but not before a stop at Dairy Queen! Andrea and I headed back north to SLC (where the temperature dropped 30 degrees in our first 90 minutes of driving), and my parents headed east towards Lake Powell, as they were spending another night there before driving back to Phoenix.


  1. If you feel the need for more heat in June you guys should head east to Grand Junction, Co! Bring the mountain bikes and the trail runners ;)

  2. Would love to get down that way sometime. Have you ever biked out on the San Rafael Swell region? There are some long dirt road rides that I want to hit down that way.

  3. I haven't. I have friends that camp/hike there a lot. It's beautiful down there! GJ gets HOT in July/August, but the rest of the time the weather is good here. Lots of places to camp too!