May 15, 2011

Recovery Weekend

Thunder Ridge

After my near disaster on Friday, the rest of our weekend went a lot smoother.

On Saturday we awoke at the crack of 4:45am to do a long run with my friend Bryan from work. We mapped out a route that would simulate some of the downhills in the Utah Valley Marathon. It was probably the easiest 23 miler I've ever run... I'm really starting to feel ready for UVM. Andrea ran 17 miles and then jumped on a bike we had stashed for her and rode the rest of the way with us. Afterwards we went to the Get Outdoors Expo (where we talked to the race director for the R-Scape 18 hour race and now really want to put a team together for it) and then went to the movies and saw Thor.

Today we took a full recovery day (by our standards). Running, skiing, and biking... but all in moderation! :-) Our training went great this past week, post-Provo half marathon... I knocked out 135 miles and Andrea ran 75, with a strong track workout in the middle of the week for both of us. One more big week, then we start the taper!

Course for our long run on Saturday

Mt Baldy

Andrea contemplating the Baldy Chutes... this was our ski target, but it was too warm by the time we got up here, so we skied some mellower terrain instead.

Finally, t-shirt spring skiing!

Andrea on our first lap

A small, slow moving slide that she triggered

Mt Superior's SE face. I'm hoping we'll get to ski it one more time this spring.

Looking down to the SLC valley

Andrea trying to fix her back!

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