May 24, 2011

Snow Canyon

Snow Canyon has an incredible contrast of colors

A long weekend in Southern Utah was just the break we needed from the endless winter that is STILL ongoing up in SLC.

So on Friday the 20th Andrea and I headed down I-15 to St. George and met up with my parents, who had driven up from Phoenix. We ate some uber-delicious burgers, walked around town, and genuinely enjoyed the fact that we were walking around outside without jackets!

After a nice trail run the next morning, we all headed just up the road to Snow Canyon State Park. The national parks of southern Utah get all the attention (and rightfully so because they are amazing), but Snow Canyon is right up there with any of the cooler places we've visited. We hiked through pretty much all of the trails in a half-day, and snapped some beautiful photos of the scenery.

My full gallery from Snow Canyon can be seen by CLICKING HERE, and some of the shots are below...

Mom & Dad on the dunes

The trails were easy but had some fun parts like these

I couldn't get enough of the color contrast in this area

Cactus blooming

This is southern Utah!

A pair of baby falcons

We realized that while we have 100s of pictures that we took of each other during ski season, we don't have many recent pictures of us together!

Petrified Sand Dunes

White Rocks - the last area that we explored

Snow-capped peaks in the background... not a common sight for this late in the year

Looking down into the main section of the park

Krongs (minus Jenna and the dogs)

Parents and Andrea

Walking back through the amphitheatre

My dad on the way back to the car

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