December 4, 2013

Training Summary - 5 weeks up to CIM

Last 5 weeks leading up to CIM

This is Part 3 (of 3) of my marathon training summary leading up to the 2013 California International Marathon, which will take place in a couple days.

The TOU Marathon was essentially the start of my CIM training. The next 3 weeks after that race are summarized here, followed by 3 more weeks leading up to the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon. After that race, I had 5 more weeks until the marathon, which is summarized in the table above.

Week of November 4: After the race in Indianapolis I bounced back pretty quick. I gave myself 4 easy days, got a great sports massage, then got back to business with a pair of solid workouts - 3 x 5K at ~5:12 pace, and then a 23 mile long run with 26.2K AT Tempo (16.3 miles) at a little slower than goal marathon pace.

Week of November 11: Another solid volume week of volume with a track/hills/track workout in the middle of the week, and then I won the Saltair Half Marathon in a controlled 1:10:01.

Week of November 18: The midweek workout was a good one, 2 x 10K at ~5:13 pace, and I did my last longer run over the weekend - a 19 miler with a 10 mile AT progression, dropping from ~5:40 to 5:10.

Week of November 25: Headed to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. Won the Mesa Turkey Trot 10K in 31:00 (unchallenged) and then did an 8 mile AT Tempo at ~5:15 pace. I cut down my mileage by about 20-25% this week.

Week of December 2: Race week! I'm writing this midway through the week. I took a day off on Monday and came out of it feeling pretty good. This morning I did a 4 mile AT progression on the treadmill (not by choice, the roads were covered in ice). I'll probably throw in one faster mile on Friday, then we head to Sacramento for the race on Sunday.

Nothing fancy here. Just two solid, longer workouts each week. I feel fit and ready to roll. My "A" goal is to finally break 2:20. I'm planning to hit the halfway point in 1:10:00 or just under and see what I can do from there. 

Andrea just gave me this pre-race good luck stuffed wolf!

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