May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Main Chute

We spent two-thirds of Memorial Day weekend in Nashville TN for a wedding, but since there is only one direct flight from Nashville to SLC and its at 7:30am, we ended up back home early on the Monday holiday. We swung by home to swap wedding clothes for ski gear and then headed up to Alta to ski Main Chute again. The line is in great condition right now, and we really like bootpacking, so that was an easy choice for a quick hit.

The sun came out in full force during our booter, which has led to a pair of semi-sunburned faces a few hours later, then the weather went back to low-visibility fog during the ski down (of course) and it even snowed a little on us. We'll take it.

Last time we skied Main Chute, we took our skinny rando sticks, so it was nice to have adult sized skis with us today :-)

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