May 17, 2015

You never know what you're gonna get...

We skied 3 times this past week, and every day was dramatically different. Spring weather in the mountains is awesome and a bit crazy.

Let's take it from the start:

Tuesday May 12th

Slush. Slush. Slush. We did a lap at Alta after work and the snow was mashed potatoes. It started raining at 8500' when we got back to the car. We remained optimistic that the ski season wasn't over, although it wasn't looking good.

Friday, May 15th

A couple inches of snow during the day covered up the snirt (dirty snow, for those of you who never lived in Colorado and endured the wrath of Utah/desert dust storms blowing all kinds of crap across the state line... although this year Colorado has stayed snirt-free and we had it all over the Wasatch after a mid-April dust storm). 

We caught a perfect break in the weather after work and had fun skiing in the sunshine. The conditions were good compared to a few days earlier.

Saturday, May 16th

We didn't ski. Instead we went to see Pitch Perfect 2 and let it snow.

This happened:

Where did that come from?!?!

Sunday May 17th

We got up early and headed up to Alta with the powder skis - 16 inches of new snow since Saturday afternoon! It was pretty dense (probably would have turned into several feet had it been just a touch colder) and due to fog you couldn't really see anything, but who cares? When it snows 16" on the back end of May, you can't ask for it all - you just ski! We got in 5 fun laps before it started to get a little too soggy. 

It's not over yet :-)

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