May 8, 2015

Vienna: Country Life

Biking along the Danube River
My photos from the city of Vienna are here.

While I wasn't able to make it to the Alps on this trip, I was able to get out of Vienna twice and see some of the countryside.

One day I took a train out to Melk, rented a bike (NextBike), and rode it along the river to Krems. The ride was about 25 miles and very scenic - through a handful of small towns and past lots of vineyards. In Durnstein I hiked up to some castle ruins above the town. In Krems I dropped off my bike and took a train back to Vienna, completing the loop.

On another occasion I went for a hike to the Paulmauer peak in Lower Austria with some colleagues. The Austrins really take care of their natural resources - it's a beautiful country.

From the bike ride...


And from the hike...

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