April 23, 2017

Alta "opens" and Sunrise Superior

One of my favorite of this season - Andrea climbing the East ridge of Mt Superior on April 22nd

Ahhh what a great week - a return to winter! A couple midweek storms and then a beautiful weekend. The mid-mountain depth at Alta sits at 124" as of Sunday evening... we are looking good for an extended spring season...

Wednesday April 19

Upper LCC got 7" overnight and since Alta had closed their lifts a few days earlier, that's where EVERYONE went skiing. It felt great to be making soft turns in cold snow. We skied off the East side of the Rustler ridge, then back up to the top of Collins and down the main run.

Friday April 21

I had to be downtown for an early meeting but it snowed 9" overnight so we were skiing one way or another. We went back to Alta since that was the easiest and quickest access to good turns (sometimes the low hanging fruit is delicious). A couple laps off West Rustler was a great start to the day.

Saturday April 22

We watched the webcams on Friday and it seemed like while the sun peaked out occasionally, it didn't come out full bore until the afternoon, and never hit the main/upper part of Mt Superior directly. Given it was probably our last chance to ski the SE face of Superior in powder conditions this season, we decided to take a chance and give it a go. Out hunch was right on the money and the upper 2000' of the face wasn't affected by the sun at all - it was 8-10" of soft, stable powder. As good as you can hope for. The bottom part of the apron had some sun crust but who cares?! We caught an amazing sunrise, had the mountain all to ourselves, and skied it in great conditions. What a great morning!

We were back at the car before 8am and Andrea headed down to the valley for her last Bioventures class. I stuck around and headed up to Mt Baldy... Main Chute had been skied a lot over the past few days, but the SE winds had filled it back in, and I skied that in fairly excellent conditions as well.

Jake off the top





I never get tired of this view

Gonna be a while before all this melts out :-)

Main Chute is SO WIDE this year!

We took Sunday off from skiing... looks like we have several more storms in the forecast for this week! Don't stop believing!

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