July 10, 2011

Baldy Main Chute - End of the 2010-11 Ski Season

Today we decided to head up to Alta and ski one last time before shutting it down for the season. We've been skiing since Halloween, so its probably time to hang up the skis for a few months.

We skied the "Main Chute" on Mt Baldy, a line that has been on our list, but something we just had never gotten around to skiing. We booted straight up it... the chute averages ~35 degrees, but is ~40 degrees right off the very top. For mid-July, the coverage is still incredible, although the snowpack is melting fast with the recent warm tempaeratures.

Afterwards, we cleaned all the gear really good and put a thick coat of wax on the ski bases. We could probably squeeze out a few more days, but I think we're both more excited about doing some more mountain biking in the spare moments when we aren't running.

Andrea booting up the main chute

On the top of the chute. The other side of the canyon melted out completely while we were in California.

Looking down Little Cottonwood Canyon

Andrea and I celebrating the end of ski season

Andrea off the top

Andrea skiing down w/ the majority of the chute visible below her

About 1/3 of the way down... there were a few other guys skiing at the same time as us (seen behind her)

Last turns of the season were some BIG jump turns!

Skiing down

Lower chute... right before the apron

Andrea and the main chute behind her (the continuous line that goes to the top).

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