July 5, 2011

Mammoth Lakes Freedom Mile

Front pack of the Mammoth Lakes Freedom Mile... check out that sweet yellow lead car!

On the last morning of our summer vacation, I decided to jump in a road mile race at 8000 feet! This was my first post-Utah Valley Marathon race, and I definitely went into it with tired legs from an incredibly active week of running/skiing/biking. I finished 3rd in 4:37. Not exactly an impressive performance (I was never really IN the race)... but it was a good rust-buster after a few weeks of lower intesity running and tons of cross-training. I feel really fit and super strong right now, so now its time to get rolling with summer training. I'm focusing on running a fast half-marathon at the end of the summer, then will hopefully take a shot at running an Olympic Trials Marathon qualifying time this fall.

Last 200m or so...

Final stretch

Gotta love the July 4th spirit in Mammoth Lakes!

Post race photo w/ Josh Cox

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