July 16, 2011

Draper Days 5K

Final stretch of the Draper Days 5K

I ran the Draper Days 5K this morning... I'm using a bunch of shorter races this summer to maintain / improve my speed as I pump the miles back up and buildup towards the fall.

I had a pretty good race, finishing 4th in 15:04. My full report is on my fast run blog page if you want to read how the race played out.

Before this year, my PR was 15:30, so its a good sign that I consider something around 15-flat (at 4000+ feet) to just be a typical performance at end of a 100+ mile week. I'm definitely moving in the right direction.

Andrea is still on the mend from her back pain, but getting better, and we'll both probably be racing when we are in Tennessee next weekend.

Front pack about a half mile into the race

Final kick...

... finish line

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