July 11, 2011

June Training

Here is the somewhat overdue monthly training recap for June. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep doing this in a monthly format now that we are both using the Fast Run Blog (Andrea - Jake) to record our workouts.

The big race we were aiming to peak for (Utah Valley) was the highlight of this month, preceded by a taper, and followed by some rest and recovery. We were on vacation in California from June 25 - July 4th.


May 30 - June 5: 76 miles (Fight for Air 5K, 14:47, 1st)
June 6 - June 12: 61 miles (Utah Valley Marathon, 2:21:47, 4th)
June 13 - June 19: 57 miles
June 20 - June 26: 77 miles
June 27 - July 3: 79 miles

Total Miles for June (30 days, 44 runs): 297 miles
Average Miles a Day: 9.9 miles
Total Pushups: 3000 (100/day)
Days I drove my car to work: 10 days

2:21:47 @ Utah Valley pretty much sums it up. Had the best race of my life, and now I really think I have a chance at hitting that Olympic Trials Qualifier this fall. I'll be giving it my best shot. Recovery from the marathon was super quick... I never felt sore, and was itching to get back into "real" training almost immediately. Still, I took it relatively easy and let the body fully recover. Our vacation in California was just what the doctor ordered... tons of activity and tons of fun!

May 30 - June 5: 57 miles (Fight for Air 5K, 16:52, 1st)
June 6 - June 12: 48 miles (Utah Valley Half-Marathon, 1:17:54, 1st)
June 13 - June 19: 38 miles
June 20 - June 26: 19 miles
June 27 - July 3: 32 miles

Total Miles for June (30 days, 28 runs): 161 miles
Average Miles a Day: 5.4 miles
Hours of Cross Training: A LOT OF hours

My half marathon time for Utah Valley pretty much sums it up as well. I ran two minutes faster than my goal and won the race! Since then, my mileage has dropped off significantly. I have been dealing with back pain for the last few months (probably due to running hard and then sitting at a desk all day during the week), so my focus now is to be 100% pain free. I've been seeing a PT and incorporating a lot of stretches and exercises into my daily routine. I have definitely ramped up the cross training to maintain my fitness while the running mileage stays low. So no races for me for a while, but I think it'll be nice to watch a few races instead of run them!

We skied for 8 straight days during our CA trip, highlighted by a classic line in Ellery Bowl off Tioga Pass. Toss in a few days of early June skiing at Alta, and we really took advantage of the big snowpack in terms of getting in some spring/summer skiing.

Next up...

: A few 5Ks and other random races here and there this summer. Mainly using them as hard training efforts. The next important race is the Top of Utah half-marathon on August 27th, so that's the current focus.
Trips: Tennessee over Pioneer Day weekend
Skiing: Hung up the skis for the season... until November...
Mountain Biking: We're getting more profecient on the bikes and are looking forward to taking advantage of some of the great trails in SLC and Park City this summer.

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