November 10, 2011

Blast from the Past - July 28, 2008

Discussion on my training log about the potential addition of a discus throw to our track races inspired me to pull some classic photos out of the archives. Lets travel back in time to July 26, 2008. I was living in Washington DC for the summer (before moving to Vail CO a few weeks later). The district has a great series of summer track meets that my friends and I were competing in.

On the morning of the 26th, my friend Tony and I went to the PVTC all-comers meet to run the mile. I won in 4:36, he took third...

Then we had a GREAT idea... lets throw the javelin! Back in my younger years, I was a pretty good basketball player. Since I got into running, however, my skills at other sports have greatly diminished (I can't explain how I am an expert skier... its a miracle I guess... although it did take 2 concussions and a sprained MCL to get to where I am currently at as a skier).

Anyways, we threw the javelin and no surprise -  I SUCKED AT IT!!! Look at how bad my form is...

Now here is the best part... I GOT BEAT BY A 9 YEAR OLD BOY AND A 71 YEAR OLD WOMAN!!!

In the spirit of redemption, that same night I ran the Crystal City Twilighter 5K, finishing in 15:40, which was my fastest 5K road race until this year. I think I raced two more times that summer, then proceeded to take a hiatus from competition for almost 3 years.

Crystal City Twilighter 5K

So, to summarize... yes we should definitely start having informal track meets with field events!
Classic javelin form - point it straight down!

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