November 20, 2011

Live updates from Philly

I'm posting this a few days early because we've had a bunch of people ask us if there will be live tracking for the race this weekend. All the info it here. I will bump this back to the top of the blog before we leave on Friday.

This is link for FULL RESULTS. That page also has links to where you can sign up for live updates (email/text) and map-tracking. The Philadelphia Marathon Facebook page will also have updates.

Our bib numbers: Jake Krong #27 - Andrea North #67

Supposedly, there will be timing mats at 10K, Half, and 30K. Hopefully they are in the correct locations (at Long Beach, the "10K" mat was actually at 6 miles).

The race starts at 7:00am eastern time.

Our target splits...
Jake10K - 32:56, Half - 1:09:30, 30K - 1:38:49, Finish - 2:18:59
Andrea10K - 39:20, Half - 1:23:00, 30K - 1:58:01, Finish - 2:45:59

If the live tracking works, it should automatically update my twitter feed, which is below the course map...


  1. You better believe I'll be following. That is if I can wake up that early on a Sunday. I am starting to get so excited for you guys. I am so much confidence in you both and know for a fact that you are both ready mentally and physically. Best of luck!!

  2. Good Luck Andrea! I'll see you at the start line, but hopefully not again until the finish :) Hope you get that OTQ!!!

  3. Thanks for the info! I'm excited to track you guys.

  4. Both through halfway mark and flying. Go on, lads. Take it home. Bam

  5. Jake hits 30K mark on the button. Come on, lad. Dig deep. Bam.

  6. Ice cream is melting. Too nervous. Come on Andrea, lets have you through 30K on the button, too. Bam.

  7. Andrea's through 30k on the button too. Come on lads, hurry up, I've gotta take the kids swimming. Ice cream puddle at my feet... Jakers, I'm gonna have a heart attack. What great running from both of you. Bam.

  8. Jake, I'm gutted for you, lad. My daughter's asking what happened. I've gotta go swimming, old lady's at me. Catch you later. Fingers crossed for Andrea. I know this doesn't hlp, Jake, but it will make you stronger. Best wishes to both of you. Go Andrea. Bam.

  9. Ya'll will always be #1 in my heart! Jake you know you are the ultimate badass and that this is just one race of many. Huge congrats on making it to where you are. You are both awesome people.