November 27, 2011


We took a little break from blogging after Philly, but now we're back. In the upcoming week we are planning to post some analysis from the race - what we did right, wrong, and what we learned that will be useful going forward. Its easier to think a little more clearly once you get a little distance from the race and have some time to reflect. As you can imagine, we have talked a lot about these things over the past week.

After leaving Philadelphia we went to New York City for a couple days. The weather there was crummy, but we did go to Radio City music hall to see the Christmas show, and that was a lot of fun. From there we went up to my Aunt's house in Connecticut for the rest of the week. Her house was essentially a 4 day all you can eat buffet, so its safe to say we are NOT in a calorie deficit!

Physically we are both feeling pretty good and have run every day since the marathon.

Its nice to be back in Utah after a week on the east coast. Eventually it will be time to get serious about ski season... but the temperature is still unseasonably warm, so we'll enjoy the nice weather while we can!

Some random photos from the past week...

Philly newspaper from last Monday. Sadly, 2 people died during the race.
This was the cover photo from the newspaper. I'm in there on the right side, just behind the leaders.
Turkey Day

Bingo and fireworks are some of my family's traditions on Thanksgiving!
My grandmother, cousins (on my Dad's side) and sister. I am the oldest... but not the tallest!

The immediate family


  1. Jake and Andrea --

    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post about your race report - got covered over with school and family at Thanksgiving.

    I am so proud of both of you! I know how hard you worked, and through your words, how much this race meant to you. I know what the "failure" feels like; it will make the next victory all the sweeter.

    Keep running, keep both rock huge.

  2. Thanks Gayle. We appreciate the support. After a season of nothing but perfect races, this provides a chance to bounce back and show what our character is made up of!