November 12, 2011

Turkey Trot Tune-Up 5K

This morning we put on another free 5000m track race to use as a tune-up for the Philadelphia Marathon. We did this before the Long Beach half-marathon about 6 weeks ago (OktoberFast 5K).

The forecast called for rain (and potentially snow), but luckily that held off. Instead we got consistent and gusting wind! It was not a PR type of day, but that wasn't really the objective. We just wanted to get in one last harder effort before the marathon next weekend. We always run a 5K the weekend before a bigger target race, and we have had great results using this strategy. Running a 5K helps us stay sharp during the taper, and makes marathon pace feel a lot easier!

I went out at 5K PR pace, but with the wind and no one close to me after a couple laps, I just decided to ease off the gas pedal a bit and save the big effort for next weekend... I ended up running 15:26. Andrea could probably crush her 17:16 PR right now, but didn't want to risk aggravating her hamstring any further, so her objective was to just run 18 minutes flat. She came in at 17:58. 

Now we just need to make it through another week of the taper, and then go hard after the OTQs in Philly next weekend!

"Official" Results:
Jake  15:26.4
Fritz    16:38.1
James  16:47.5
Andrea  17:58.0
Bryan  18:07.2
Chad  18:58.8
Sandy  19:09.8 

Some photos from this morning below... the full gallery is here


  1. You know it's a fast group when DFL turns out a 19 minute 5k.

  2. WOW!!! INCREDIBLE!!! I want to come watch next time:) So excited for Philly.

  3. Does Andrea have an email that I could contact her?

  4. Janae you should come and RUN next time :-)

    We are thinking of trying to setup an indoor 5K at the olympic oval over the winter.