October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Run and some fall colors

On Saturday I ran in the Great Pumpkin Run at Wheeler Farm. Its only been 3 weeks since the TOU Marathon, and while my legs are starting to come back, they aren't quite "there" yet. The course was a 2 loops on the dirt path around the farm - I ran 15:09 for 2nd place (Race Recap) on a course that was a tad bit short of 3 miles.

Overall this was a pretty solid indicator that things are moving in the right direction. I had a good week as I started incorporating some light workouts back into the mix while building my mileage up. For the 5th straight week, I ran less than 100 miles, and I'm going to try and keep that streak going for a bit longer.

After the race we headed up to Millcreek Canyon for a hike and to check out the fall colors. Pictures below...


  1. I am so envious of the fall leaves. In San Diego, it is still in the 80s, 90s! I ran a 5K in 20:30 over the weekend, and I wimped out on the last mile, dropping my pace by about 20 seconds for that mile. What do you tell yourself when you are feeling really tired but want to hold your pace?

    1. I guess you just try to tell yourself that its only going to hurt for a few more minutes, and then you won't have to play the "what if" game in your head afterwards. Honestly, my best races are the ones where I hardly think at all in the later stages of the race. You just sort of go on auto-pilot and execute what you've practiced.