October 16, 2012

Utah Fittest State Festival

Before the start of the Utah Marathon and Fittest State Festival
Andrea, Kevin, and Allie finishing the 5K

Over the weekend we ran in the Utah Fittest State Festival. I ran the Half-Marathon / 5K double dipper w/ about a half-hour rest between races (not as fun as it sounds!), while Andrea put on a racing bib for the first time in almost 3 months - pacing a friend (who was also doing the Half/5K double) in the 5K.

Our full race recaps are here:   Jake   -   Andrea

It was a fun morning and a good workout for both of us. I'm slowly but surely getting back to 100%... not quite fully recovered from the TOU Marathon yet (the hammy that I pulled during that race is still a bit of a nuisance). Andrea is starting to build her mileage back up, and is on the upswing from a annoying string of injuries.

For a first year event, the Utah Marathon did a nice job. Tough courses, but that's a nice change of pace from all the downhill events we have in Utah. My race recap above shows the elevation profile of both races.

Early start in the dark

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  1. haha. i love that 5k finish photo. i wish we could have a festival every weekend.