May 13, 2012

Altitude Training

On the shoulder of Mt Baldy, surveying Albion Basin and trying to figure out how soon we'll be running up here!
For the first time in a month, neither one of us had a race this weekend. On Saturday we met up with a group of friends to do a long run on the Jeremy Ranch Road in Park City. Last summer we did a lot of long runs up there (some pics from last July here). This road is my favorite place to run (and Andrea tolerates it because she knows how much it helps us get super-fit!). Its a dirt road at ~6000 feet and has nonstop rolling hills (many of which are very steep). The way out is a gradual downhill, which means the way back is extra challenging. Its awesome! After the long run we met up with even more friends for brunch at Ruth's Diner (which we highly recommend).

The elevation profile for the Jeremy Ranch run. Nonstop short, steep hills.

On Sunday, after an easy run in the morning, we headed back up to Alta for another round of spring skiing. We ended up climbing and skiing an aesthetic line we eyed last weekend off the east side of Mt Baldy. The conditions were fantastic and we had a TON of fun!

Lots of photos from the skiing as usual...

Our objective was the chute right in the middle
Setting the bootpack
Traversing a bit
Andrea being awesome
At the top!

Skiing off the shoulder
Entering the chute
Andrea off the top making it look easy
A couple jump turns

I wore my extra-modest shorts
Mountain essentials - helmet, skittles, and diet dew
Andrea and I where we stopped for a snack
Andrea skiing back down to the base
You gotta get in a few shirtless ski runs before you call it a season

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