May 29, 2012

Bachelorette Party - Tybee Island!

One of my best friends is getting married on June 2nd, so a group of us took her to Tybee Island, GA for her Bachelorette Party. We spent our time relaxing on the beach, surfing the waves, staying up too late, hot-tubbing, talking about guys, dancing, and just enjoying ourselves.

Although I couldn't get any of these girls to go running with me (not even the two collegiate soccer players!), I did get to run during Tropical Storm Beryl. It didn't hit too hard at Tybee Island, so I went out in the pouring rain and crazy winds. It was so fun!!

I'm spending the rest of the week in Knoxville, TN hanging out with my family and enjoying a few days off from work :)

Photos from the weekend -

The crew!
Tybee Island Pier

Girl time :)

Our bride-to-be
Out on the town in Savannah before the storm!
Looking stormier...I was the lucky one to run to the car once the downpour started!
Sarah and me

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