May 2, 2012

California, Here I come!

While Andrea heads back home to Tennessee for a wedding in early June, I'm flying the opposite way - out to Southern California ("technically" home, since I was born there) for a pair of races and some time lounging at the beach!

On Saturday June 2nd I'm running the Fontana Days 5K, a super-fast course east of Los Angeles. Then I'll head out along the coast to Santa Barbara, where I'll be racing the State Street Mile on June 3rd.

I have family in SoCal, so I'll get to run some fast, competitive races and hang out with my relatives for a weekend. A win-win situation!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to run a one-mile  road race. I'm really committed to working on my speed this spring/summer, and this will be a good chance to test my progress.

This pair of races will be a great tune-up for our biggest races of the summer - the Portland Track Festival and USA Half-Marathon Championships (which are the following two weekends). And yep - Andrea and I are both going to be traveling 3 weeks in a row (actually 4 for Andrea)... I think its time that we finally buy tablet computers!

We are running a 5K in Provo this upcoming weekend, then the focus will shift to training, training, and more training during the rest of May.

A couple days here will be good for the soul :-)


  1. I'll be there at the Fontana Half!

  2. Its looks like such a fun event. I can't wait!

  3. Very very exciting Jake! 1 mile race. eeeeeek!! Can't wait to see how your June full of races goes.