May 6, 2012

Our favorite time of the year at Alta

Devil's Castle, Sugarloaf Peak, and Mt Baldy (L to R)
The last 3 weekends have followed the same formula - race on Saturday, easy run on Sunday morning, then up to the mountains for some spring skiing the rest of the day on Sunday. Luckily the weather has cooperated very nicely with our plans! Nothing but blue skies and sunshine.

This is our favorite time of the year at Alta - the lifts are closed for the season but there is still plenty of snow. Alta has some awesome terrain, so its fun to do some "in-bounds touring" and get after the goods.

The snow is melting fast, but we'll probably be able to squeeze out a few more weekends of skiing.

Here's some photos from today's adventure...

Andrea skinning up an empty Alta ski area
Main Chute still looking pretty good

Enjoying another beautiful afternoon up in the alpine
The south side of LCC is melted out
Andrea skiing down
Yep I wear capri-pant style tights this time of year
Andrea spraying some spring slush
Superior looking thin! Definitely isn't being skied top to bottom anymore

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  1. Hey guys! Because I love your outdoors photos soooo much, I gave you a One Lovely Blog award :)