May 31, 2012

Frozen Head State Park

View from the top of the Fire Tower
My parents and I took a trip to Frozen Head State Park. It's a beautiful area and, for those interested, it's also where the infamous Barkley Marathons event is held. The mountains in the southeast are such a contrast to those out west. I love how GREEN and lush it is. The only frustration is that the trees are so abundant and so tall that you often don't have any views until you are at the very top!

This dayhike started on Old Mac Trail (.3 mile). We took Spicewood Trail (2.5 miles) which connects to Chimney Top Trail. We then took that just over a mile to the Lookout Tower Trail and the top of Frozen Head. We returned to the parking lot on the South Old Mac and Judge Branch trails. The loop was about 8 miles total.

We had a great time! Although I grew up in TN, I had never been to this state park before. It seemed very well maintained and a nice alternative to the Smoky Mountains. I was really surprised with how little (to no) water was in the streams. I thought there would be much more since it's only May...hope the area gets some rain before it really starts to get hot! The poison ivy was definitely out in full force. I don't think I've ever seen so much, and I'm really hoping that I don't break out in hives tomorrow. We didn't see any wildlife except for about 1,000,000 bugs!

Satellite map of the hike

The trails are much more obvious than in the Rockies!

Wild mushrooms

The 'rents.
I just love these trees!
My dad is trying to squish me :)

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