September 7, 2014

Chicago Training #3 - Vacation, High Mileage, Races, Altitude... yeah, keeping busy!

#ChurchofSundayLongRun (video link)
The last couple weeks have been busy. But it's been good busy, not the bad kind. We spent close to a week in Southern Utah around Labor Day, and I'll be posting lots of photos from that trip over the next couple days. Since my last training update everything has continued to go really well. I won the Top of Utah Half Marathon, then got right back into my marathon buildup with a couple higher mileage weeks that included solid workouts and long runs. I'm just building fitness, day by day, and feeling pretty good.

Summary of last 3 weeks

Key sessions: 17 miles w/ 6M AT + 10x30s hills; 26 mile LR in Torrey; 17 miles w/ 8M AT; Layton Classic 10K (race); 23 mile LR in Park City.

Chicago is only 5 weeks away - but I can still do a lot to transform my general fitness (which is good right now) into marathon-specific fitness over the next month. I'll probably do one more week with mileage in the 140s, then start dropping it down a little.

Elite fields were announced this week. It's gonna be stacked.

John Coyle outkicked me at the Classic 10K. I can live with that during a marathon buildup.
A few more that Andrea (providing excellent bike support) took on this weekend's long run

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