September 13, 2014

Southern Utah Trip #6 - Jeep Tour with Dan Mick

I want to upgrade to this jeep!

On the final morning of our trip, before Andrea and I drove back to Salt Lake City, we went on a jeep tour with Dan Mick. We were pretty tired after several days of hiking in the heat and wanted to do something a little different. We found Dan on TripAdvisor and almost couldn't believe his reviews were THAT GOOD. But I can tell you with 100% truthfulness that the tour was really that good. We spent the whole morning with Dan himself - he drove us up some incredible obstacles, took us to dinosaur tracks, and told great stories about the history of Moab. It was worth every penny and a lot of fun.

We didn't take any video during the tour, but this video gives you a very good idea of what it was like...

And a few photos we snapped...

Dan teaching us about the history of Moab. I love this kind of stuff.
Dinosaur footprints
Jeeps on the slickrock

A crowd waiting for us as we drove up Hell's Gate
It should be noted that around the time of this jeep tour, the White Wolf (my Jeep) busted a radiator...

I love this vehicle, but sometimes it gets the double middle finger anyways.
Luckily we got it fixed and we able to bring home several delicious Green River melons...

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