September 12, 2014

Southern Utah Trip #5 - Canyonlands Chesler Park

It seems fitting that I'm making this post on the exact 50th Anniversary of the creation of Canyonlands National Park. We've been to a lot of national parks, and this region is definitely a favorite. It's remote, rugged, diverse, and downright beautiful. The battle to protect the lands surrounding the park boundaries is still being fought.

We hiked out to Chesler Park on a very warm morning. Like any single day you spend in Canyonlands - you only get a taste of the landscape and it leaves you wanting to spend more time there. I definitely came away from this hike (and this whole trip) thankful that we have such a wonderful national parks system to explore and enjoy.

Don't step on the cryptobiotic soil!


  1. It always amazes me how there are so many different places in this country (world) that are beautiful in their own way. Although I'd choose thick forests or the Appalachian mountains or Rocky Mountains any day, I was definitely appreciate the beauty that Utah had to offer on our drive through this summer. Beautiful.

    1. Well said. We are lucky to have such great diversity. I probably love the mountains best, but having the red rock desert just a few hours away is pretty awesome.