September 10, 2014

Southern Utah Trip #3 - Canyoneering in Capitol Reef

My favorite picture of the trip...
Andrea looks over the slot canyon we are about to drop in.

On the third day of our vacation we did a guided canyoneering trip with Tim from Red Rock Adventure Guides. He took us on a very scenic hike up to a highpoint in Capitol Reef National Park, then we dropped into a slot canyon and made a series of rappels to get back out to the trailhead.

When it comes to ropes, we are the definition of beginners, but Tim made all four of us feel very comfortable and helped us get a solid handle on what we were doing. It was a very fun, challenging, and exciting day. I could go on with more words, but pictures tell the story better...

Hiking with our guide Tim on a WARM day
The views from this route were spectacular

We had this view to our right for a good portion of the hike
Andrea taking it in
Rappel #1 - Walter dropping in
3 of the 4 rappels were into water pools of unknown depth.
I was nominated to go first in those situations.

Rappel #3 had a tight entrance

Finishing up the last rappel out of the canyon
Andrea starting the last rappel (look for her on the right)
Andrea again... this one was about 130 feet.

It should be noted that we were out for about 8 hours, and didn't see a single person once we got 100 feet from our car at the trailhead. Capitol Reef is that kind of place. Wilderness... solitude.


  1. I'm so glad you guys got to go canyoneering. It looks like that canyon was tons of fun. I love the last rappel, emerging from a tiny slot way up on the canyon wall. This is why Capitol Reef is such a great place.

    1. It was really great. Definitely increased my desire to do some more adventures like this and get some more rope skills!