September 11, 2014

Southern Utah Trip #4 - Goblin Valley and Little Wild Horse Canyon

Andrea and her parents in Goblin Valley

On Labor Day we drive from Torrey / Capitol Reef and visited a pair of cool spots area along the way: Goblin Valley State Park and Little Wild Horse Canyon. Both the park and the canyon are just a little ways off Highway 24, north of Hanksville (ie. the middle of nowhere).

Goblin Valley is hard to describe - it is simply a big, flat valley full of interesting rock formations. There aren't really any trails - you just walk around wherever you want to go. We highly recommend it.

After wandering around in the goblins for a while, we drove down a side road to the Little Wild Horse Canyon trailhead. After just a few minutes of hiking in a wash, you enter a very fun, non-technical, slot canyon.

Both of these places are a dream for hiking with kids... but they great for adults* too!

*FYI - Andrea and I consider ourselves kids

Lots of photos - starting with Goblin Valley...

Little Wild Horse Canyon...

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