April 3, 2012

Andrea's Brazil Journal #3 - Sao Paulo (Day 1)

I flew into Sao Paulo on Friday evening. On Saturday and Sunday, my co-workers and I toured around the city and found some pretty fun things to do.

Saturday morning I went for a longer run around Ibirapuera Park, a beautiful park in the heart of Sao Paulo. It had a 4-5 mile dirt loop that made for a perfect morning run.

After running, my coworkers and I found a huge food market downtown - quite a bit different from those in the US. Lots and lots of meat - dried fish, sausages, etc. Also, they had huge blocks of cheese and an amazing selection of local fruits (many of which I had never even heard about).

After the food market, we walked around the city and did a little souvenir shopping.


Check out the price tag on a pair of Asics shoes (equivalent of $380)!

Dinner was at a churrascaria - a Brazilian steakhouse where the waiters constantly bring around a variety of meats to try. It was delicious, and I probably ate 16 oz of red meat that night! Good for my iron!!

A fun day! More to come from the rest of the weekend.....


  1. That little market looks amazing! And it is great to hear that you were keeping your iron levels up. :)

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