April 4, 2012

Andrea's Brazil Journal #5 - Final Weekend in Rio de Janeiro (Day 1)

After a long work week in Sao Paulo, my co-worker Jon and I were ready for a little fun in the sun. We flew to Rio de Janeiro on Friday night for our final weekend in Brazil.

I woke up the next morning for my long run. Rio has a beautiful lake called Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas with 4.8 mile loop. The views are spectacular and I ran a few laps around it. There were lots of local running clubs with tents, stretching areas, and trainers along the path - it seems like Rio has a pretty active running community.

Then Jon and I headed up to Sugarloaf Mountain. We found trails off the beaten path with lots of viewpoints. 

We spent the rest of the day at a couple beaches - a beach near Sugarloaf and Ipanema Beach. I tried to get over my fear of the ocean and swim for a while -  it was COLD but fun!

One more blog from Brazil coming up....

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