April 1, 2012

While she was gone...

Andrea running on the beach in Brazil this weekend. I think she is trying to make us all jealous!

Andrea returns from Brazil tomorrow, after being gone for 17 days! She'll be posting lots of photos and stories this week from her time in Sao Paulo and another weekend on the beach in Rio. She would have blogged more during the trip, but her internet access has been spotty and slow. She did manage to send me the picture above before she got on her flight back to the states this evening...

So what did I do during the time she was away?
  • Ran 326 miles including some of the hardest workouts of the training cycle - Exhibits A - B - C - D - E
  • 2000 perfect pushups
  • 650 perfect pullups (and yes I just did extra pushups and pullups to make these numbers come out so round)
  • Watched some really bad movies, including Cowboys and Aliens and Underworld: Awakening
  • Resisted the temptation to go see the Hunger Games without Andrea
  • Loaded about 200 new songs onto my ipod. That helped with all the solo miles.
  • Invented a new beverage (26.2 Dew) that I will not be drinking at Boston, because I didn't make the cut for personal fluids on the course.
  • Read Once a Runner for about the 20th time
  • Ate lots of spinach. She doesn't like how I like to add a pound of chopped spinach to all casseroles (although my iron levels are superb, so clearly its not hurting me!)
  • Probably also ate too much candy, but I ran 20 miles a day, so who the heck cares?!?!
  • Spring cleaning of the condo
  • Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.
  • Didn't think about the Boston Marathon at all. Not even once. OK that's a total lie. But I swear I didn't spend more than 7 hours per day thinking about it. I even made a new rule - no thinking about racing after 8pm, otherwise I can't fall asleep!
So really... nothing really that much different than normal! I'm very much looking forward to her return tomorrow, though.

All a guy really needs - every possible type of Diet Dew

I sent her this picture a few days ago... so I guess we'll see if she actually comes back... she might have actually gotten on a place to south pole after seeing this! :-)

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