April 3, 2012

Andrea's Brazil Journal #4 - Sao Paulo (Day 2)

The second day in Sao Paulo was fun! I ran at Ibirapuera Park again for a super slow, easy run. After walking around the whole day yesterday, my legs were tired!

My coworker Jon and I ventured into a more "locals spot" of the city called Vila Madalena. We stopped into a very artsy restaurant for lunch.

This area is famous for its graffiti art. There were alleys full of this type of art and it was unlike anything I had seen before - definitely some weird art, but lots of creativity. Cool stuff, for sure! However, I can't say that I wasn't a little nervous going into these alleys!

We walked by a cemetery, and it was totally dramatic. The statues and depicted scenes on the graves were quite a spectacle.

The day ended with a Samba party. We came across this gathering of about 200 people crowded around a band of 15 or so playing the drums, guitar, shakers - you name it. It was a cool experience. Samba music is very upbeat and the people were really into it!

The rest of the week in Sao Paulo was devoted to working (a lot!). Luckily we started working late in the mornings most days so I could get in some solid mileage.

My favorite weekend of the trip (back in Rio) coming up in the next post......


  1. Great photos of Brazil, great reading. Love to go there someday. Especially liked the off the beaten track un postcard views.I hope Jake and you are doing well.

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