April 13, 2012

Live tracking from the 2012 Boston Marathon

You can follow live splits (every 5K) on BAA.org.

I will be wearing bib #29.

Here is the BAA's information on television coverage. It seems like there will be a webcast on Universal Sports. You can also get updates via text message.

The race begins at 10am eastern time (8am in Utah).

Here is a list of the elite entrants for the marathon. Stacked fields, as you would expect!

I'm sure that regardless of how it goes, the 24-48 hours after the race will be an absolute whirlwind. I'll try to post a quick summary of how it goes on Monday night, but probably won't have a full recap written up until we get back to Utah on Wednesday afternoon.

We leave for Boston tomorrow (Saturday). Andrea is racing the BAA 5K on Sunday morning, and she'll post her recap as soon as she can afterwards. I'm hoping to get some good photos, as the course layout allows me to see her a couple times.

Its going to be pretty warm (possible hot) on Monday, which obviously isn't ideal in terms of running fast times... but I plan to be smart and run conservatively in the first 16 miles.

And to prep for the warm temps, we've been doing some FroYo-loading. Top off the glycogen and pre-cool the body. I swear there is FroYo in there under all the toppings...

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  1. Aw - I miss my home town of Boston. Have fun and best wishes for an awesome race. MMMM Need FRO YO NOW.