April 9, 2012

Video clip from the Mountain to Fountain 15K

George Delalis, who has produced a cool running documentary called Fast Women, sent me the following video clip from last month's Mountain to Fountain 15K, where I ran pretty well. The clip is 2 minutes long and from the second mile of the race, where I took the lead for a brief period of time and tried to get the race rolling. It is kind of neat to see how about 30 seconds into the video, a perfect gap opens up for me, and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take advantage.

Today I'm exactly 7 days out from the Boston Marathon... so obviously there will be some pre-Boston blogging as the week rolls on. Mileage taper usually equals and increase in the frequency of blog posts. I'll post tracking and webcast information later in the week.

I did my last hard-ish workout over the weekend - 5 x Mile in 4:50, then right into a short (2 mile) marathon paced (5:15/mi) tempo. That pace felt nice and easy after the mile repeats. I'm as ready as I'm going to be, so now I am looking forward to just getting out there and seeing what my legs can do.

Andrea has been making some great progress and has run some awesome workouts in the past couple weeks. She'll open up her racing season at the BAA 5K on Sunday in Boston, and then run the Salt Lake City 1/2 Marathon the weekend after we return from Boston.


  1. Really cool video, you are so fast! I discovered you and Andrea throug Janae from the HRG and have been following since... Looking forward to track your Boston marathon, hope to run it in 2013. Good luck!

  2. Hi Jake - this is Brian McNamara, a 2001 Saratoga HS grad. I've been following your blog and wanted to wish you luck at Boston. I live in Cambridge and will be there cheering.

  3. Good luck to Andrea in the 5k and to you in the marathon! Glad both of your training schedules have gone well since Philly!