April 24, 2012

SAUCONY Christmas!

Jake and I got our new Saucony Hurricane team kits for the year! Lots of great new gear - it feels like running Christmas :-)

I was really excited to see the bright pink Saucony racing sports bra. I will definitely have to wear this for summer races! I also noticed that the company made the short sleeve and long sleeve shirts LONGER and with less flare at the hips. I am pretty tall (5'8") and straight so I need a little extra length and not so much flare in the hip area.

I particularly like the capris, short tights, and split shorts. I have multiples of all and pretty much wear one of the three every day. I've said this before, but Saucony makes the best running shorts in the business. They are so lightweight and move freely.

The backpack is a nice addition to the kit this year, and it'll definitely come in handy with all the traveling that Jake and I do. It's very well made with lots of room and pockets.

I decided to get an array of running shoes so that I am able to rotate my shoes from a more minimalist shoe (Mirage and Kinvara) to a more cushioned lightweight trainer (Cortana and Guide 5). I think it's a great idea to train in different types of shoes. I usually wear the more minimalist shoes on workout days and long runs and the trainers on recovery days. I also picked up some BRIGHT PINK Endorphin track spikes and some Peregrine trail running shoes.

Jake got similar gear to me except all of his clothes are the ViZiPRO Orange color instead of pink.

Kinvara 2

For shoes - Jake does most of his training in the Mirage and Kinvara, so he got several pairs of those, along with some racing flats (Fastwitch, which he also uses for tempo run) and track spikes (Endorphin LD3).

Saucony Fastwitch 5 and Endorphin LD3 (which only weight 3.5 ounces in size 11!)


  1. Well, I was beyond excited yesterday, when my dad flew in from the US (I am in Europe) and brought me two pairs of new racing shoes (Nike Lunar Montreal and Brooks Pure Connect) and some clothing. I also called it running Christmas, but your Christmas is kind of bigger :D :D :D I love the pink gear!!!! It is beyond awesome! Good for you, I think I need to train harder in order to have such a running Christmas one day :) Enjoy all your new gear!

  2. That's awesome. I (Derek) love Saucony. Maybe one day I will receive a package like that. Congrats to you both on your great running and the perks that come with it.